Fabulous food from passionate people passionately perfecting life's celebrations by serving nourishing food since 2016.
Experience the taste of Soothing South Indian Cuisine filling every occasion with great food and service.

Upon entering Annavilaas, you'll be struck by its ornate style however the decor is just one element to this most intriguing of dining spaces. After all, which other restaurant is known that serves as many dishes as we do and that creates unforgettable dining experiences set in the midst of R.S. Puram Coimbatore. At the heart of Annavilaas is our commitment to fresh, regionally-sourced hygienic food. With generous southern-style meals and a laid-back atmosphere, Annavilaas is great for families or groups.

Coimbatores restaurants have been turning concept of fine dining on it's head and Annavilaas is the latest innovators.
Our hot new venue is kicking goals all over town by churning out gutsy head-turning dishes in a contemporary modern interior design served by the most professional yet friendly attendants.

Dynamic menus showcase the finest regional flavours available. Annavilaas offers a whole world of choices open to all Platinum and Gold Service guests for breakfast, lunch, dinner, corporate lunch and corporate dinners. Whether you want to linger over for a long, lazy lunch, a romantic dinner, or a more casual family-friendly outings, your cuisine will reflect the outstanding food and a view of the overfilled streets of R.S Puram from your restaurant window.

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What you'll love about Annavilaas:

  • Pure Vegetarian Gourmet Dishes
  • Exciting Menu based on Local Produce
  • Beautiful view of the overfilled street
  • Fun, Friendly Atmosphere
  • Sharing-style menu perfect for groups
  • Relaxed and Stylish Lounge
  • Rich Aromatic Diverse Flavours of the South
  • Vibrant Modern Interior
  • Luxurious Private Dining Hall
  • Online Order & Home Delivery